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Xero is a leading cloud-based accounting solution for small businesses. Designed specifically for small business owners, Xero provides visibility into cash flow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, bill processing, and banking. Xero also enables active collaboration with a business advisor who can provide the accounting expertise, allowing small business owners to focus on what they do best—growing their business and servicing their customers. ITK is a Xero Certified Advisor, helping small business owners, smaller nonprofits, and/or their accountants setup and transition to Xero. Additionally, ITK can help to customize Xero’s templates and help with implementing integrated solutions from Xero’s comprehensive suite of add-ons for e-commerce, inventory, invoicing & jobs, payment, payroll, point of sale, time tracking, and much more.

All You Need To Run Your Business Xero is online so you can receive automatic bank statement feeds into your accounting software each day. You will have much greater visibility of your cash flow and no more data entry or downloads.


  • Xero Redesign for iPad

​​Redesigned to compliment the iPad aesthetics and unique capabilities for faster, richer experience.Xero Integrates with MS Power BIEasily analyze and visualize business data, share insights from anywhere within Office 365, and work with others to get more done.

  • Banking

Xero connects with your bank accounts making reconciliations simple and accurate.

  • Customer Management

Smart Lists allow you to create lists of customers based on accounting information in Xero. Great for running sales campaigns, chasing up debtors and more.

  • ​Dashboard

​​Xero provides a real-time view of your business at a glance, including bank balances and money coming in and going out.

  • ​​Integrate Business Expense Reports with Xero

Use Xero’s built-in Expense Claims functionality to reimburse your employees for business purchases made with personal funds. Or use an advanced expense report integrated solution like Expensify, Nexonia, or Tallie to process expense reports that are then synced into Xero.

  • Mobile Access

Access your bank accounts via your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. Xero Touch for iOS is now faster, helping speed up bank reconciliations, expensing, and invoicing.

  • Payroll Options

Choose from Xero Payroll or ZenPayoll both natively integrated with Xero Accounting so each time you run payroll, keeping your books up to date without manual intervention. Xero Payroll includes: direct deposit, eFile and ePay for taxes, An employee app so staff can see their pay stubs and request time off whenever they want. check here for current States available. ZenPayroll is a full service payroll solution. See our ZenPayroll product page for more information.

  • Purchase Orders

Xero gives you the freedom to create, customize and send POs to suppliers which can then be turned into bills and Customer invoices.

  • QuickBooks Conversion

Fast and simple to do, get set you up without losing any of your previous financial history.

  • Quotes & Invoicing

Xero allows you to see at-a-glance, who owes you money. Customize, create, send and receive custom branded invoices. Enter up to four decimal places in unit pricing on invoices. Create and send quotes to a prospective and current customers. Convert accepted Quotes into Invoices.

  • Reporting

Xero allows you to generate and view interactive reports with ease. Generate both accrual or cash basis financial report like the balance sheet and income statement.

  • Support

Xero provides round-the-clock email support as well as an online help center.

  • Store Files in Xero

Drag and drop multiple files and source documents right next to the financial data, making reviewing and reporting a snap.

  • Small Business Solutions Marketplace

Search, compare and select from over 350 business apps that seamlessly integrate with Xero accounting.

  • Unlimited Users & Advisor Access

With Xero, pay a fixed monthly price, no matter how many users you have. Xero also allows you to give your accountant or consultant access so they can work on your books from anywhere and offer better advice.

And here's the best news! If Xero seems like the perfect bookkeeping assistant for your business, sign up for a FREE Trial now - takes just a couple of minutes and there's no credit card required! Still have questions or need help in determining if Xero is the solution best suited for your needs? As a Xero Certified Advisor, we are here for you! Contact one of our Business Excellence Advisors for more information at advisor@smbadvisor.us or 866-737-9991.

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