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Backupify offers multiple solutions for keeping your cloud data safe from malicious deletions, unpredictable hackers and user errors. Data is securely backed up daily and quickly retrieved anywhere, anytime.

Vital data can be easily corrupted by viral applications and data that have been prematurely deleted or hacked. Backupify can quickly and easily restore lost or corrupted data right back into the original online application saving your company much time and headache from manual restoring or permanent loss of data. Backupify gives you enterprise-grade SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) backup for your small business budget. Whether your data is stored on-premise or in the cloud, backup and recovery systems are especially critical for small businesses that can't afford an hour of unplanned data unavailability, let alone a day. Backupify keeps your SaaS data safe and available so your company is never out of business. Backupify for Google Apps Take control of your Google Apps domain with automatic daily backups and one-click restore of your Gmail, Google Docs & Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and more. With Backupify for Google Apps you get:

  • Full Account Export

An admin can export all the data in a user's account.

  • Automated Daily Backups

Backups occur automatically every day and can also be initiated manually at any time.

  • Centralized Management

Simplifies adding users, managing archives and initiating restores for your domain.

  • One-Click Restore

Instantly, securely and reliably restore your data directly to your Google Apps account.

  • Local Downloads

Download your cloud-based data locally in the event of service disruptions.

  • Search

Find backups of missing emails and documents with the built-in search bar.

  • Cloud Storage

Data files are stored in Amazon Web Services, which are subject to the highest security and reliability standards in the world and boast a 99.9% uptime.

  • Security

Your data is transferred over encrypted channels and stored under encryption in Amazon S3.

  • Unlimited Storage for the Professional Plan

  • Site Restore

With just one click, you can restore pages, attachments or other sites resources stored in your backup.

How It Works Simply install Backupify on your domain via the Google Apps Marketplace and the application will do the rest. Every night, Backupify will query the Google Apps API for your most recently added and updated files, duplicate that data to an encrypted archive in Amazon's high-availability storage cloud, then make those independent copies available for one-click restoration or download through our intuitive web interface. The process repeats every 24 hours to ensure comprehensive protection for all your Google Apps domain data. Backupify is the easy-to-use backup management solution that keeps your Google Apps domain safe and secure in the cloud. You can rest assured that your most important data will be available in the event of hacking, user error, malicious deletion and other unforeseen problems. You can try it with a free 15 day trial today!

Contact one of our Business Excellence Advisors for more information at advisor@smbadvisor.us or 866-737-9991.