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Carbonite is an online backup solution that provides extra protection for your files and allows you to get those files back in the event of a data disaster, saving you time & money and preventing unnecessary stress. Just a simple software installation and Carbonite automatically and continually backs up your files both locally and in the cloud. Lost files are easily restored to their original location with just a few steps. Your files are also accessible anytime and anywhere with most smartphones via free mobile apps. Leverage our know-how to simplify your back up process and rest easy knowing that your files are safely and continually backed up.

Carbonite runs quietly in the background and continually backs up new and changed files and sends them over the Internet to secure off site data centers. Whether your employees are in the office, on the road, or working from home, all of their work is being backed up safely.

Rest Easy

  • Carbonite backs up your data files automatically, in the background whenever you’re connected the iInternet – so you never have to remember to back up.

  • Files are encrypted before they leave your computer, then transmitted with the same security technology relied upon by major banks and credit card companies for online transactions.

  • From hackers to hurricanes, Carbonite encrypts and backs up your data safely offsite.

  • If something happens, Carbonite makes it easy to recover files or to roll back to previous versions.

Anytime, Anywhere access

  • Securely access your backed up files from any web browser or via free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry devices.

  • Forgot a document, presentation, or spreadsheet for an important client? No problem. You can access it from virtually any web -enabled device in just a few clicks. Not something that you can do with an external hard drive.

  • Carbonite dashboard also allows you to easily monitor and manage the backup for your entire office from any computer. The dashboard shows you the backup status of each computer in your network, who is backing up, how much have they backed up and when did they last back up.

  • Employees can access their files anytime, anywhere – whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.

Restore Data

  • Carbonite allows you to restore lost data that otherwise would be lost forever.

  • If anything happens to any file, Carbonite finds it in your backup and puts in back in its original location in just a few steps. No administrative or IT support is needed.


  • A simple software installation in just minutes.

  • The Carbonite application runs quietly in the background and continually backs up new and changed files and sends them over the iInternet to secure off site data centers.

Cost Efficient

  • Protect your whole business for one low, annual price. No per-user or per -computer fees.

  • No hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, no tapes to deal with.

  • Whether employees work in the office or remotely, you’ll pay one flat, annual fee, based on the amount of backup space you need.

  • Predictable annual cost you can budget with confidence. And with our multi-year discounts, you can save even more.

Carbonite’s backup solution takes the burden of backup management off your hands and allows you to restore and access your files via the cloud. We can help you to simplify and to bring your backup process up-to-date using the Carbonite platform. Get started today with a One Month Risk FREE Trial. No licensing fees, no set-up fees, no hardware to buy, no training to pay for. Not sure if this is the right solution for you?

Contact one of our Business Excellence Advisors for more information at advisor@smbadvisor.us or 866-737-9991.