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Tallie is the expense management solution that automates the expense report process and gives you these features via the cloud. Expenses and expense reports can be created, edited and submitted at anytime, anywhere. Add receipts at the point of purchase by uploading a receipt photo via your mobile device.Tallie scans, categorizes and flags duplicates and any items that might not comply with company policies. Creating and sending reports is just as easy and convenient and includes an approval link that speeds up the process. When it is time to deliver expense information to the accounting, payroll and/or bill payment system, the accountant has the option to review each expense report, then export each report individually or as a group making the whole process quick and easy.

ITK is a Tallie advisor specialist and can help to setup and customize your company’s unique requirements to Tallie’s great features such as direct data sync, expense category management, policy rules, user accounts, approval chain customization, and export option selection to name a few.

Tallie takes the expense reporting process and simplifies it from employee, to management, to accountant making each step quick and easy. Employee Workflow

With just a few clicks, employees can upload and add expenses to their Tallie account using receipt images via mobile devices or as an attachment in an email, and also import credit card charges automatically. Tallie uses powerful algorithms to identify key information that categorize expenses as well as flag any items that might not meet company policy and duplicates. When prompted (monthly, billing cycle), Tallie will automatically email a copy of the expense report showing expense details, assets such as receipt images and mileage maps for employees to review, edit and submit. Reports can also be submitted at any time online. Once submitted employees can check the status of their report and get email updates through their Tallie account. Easy Expense Creation

  • ​​Mobile Devices

Snap and upload receipt photos on-the-go.

  • Credit Card Import

Import credit card charges automatically, or by transaction.

  • Drag & Drop

Drag and drop email receipt images directly from the desktop into Tallie.

  • Email

Tallie will generate expense items from any receipt image sent to receipts@usetallie.com

  • Mileage Calculation

Tallie will calculate and map driving expense, based on origin & destination.

  • Foreign Currency Support

Auto-convert foreign currency based on daily FX spot rate.

Management Workflow ​​​​Tallie expense report email delivery makes it easy for management to process expense reports quickly and easily by clearly identifying any duplicate transactions or items that might not be accepted due to company policy. Managers are able to accept reports directly from the email client making the process fast and easy.

Expense Report Delivery

  • Report Email Delivery

Reports are quickly sent to employee's manager via email.

  • Transactions Flagged

Duplicate expenses are flagged based on key scanned information.

  • Policy Regulations

Shows expense items out of company policy and provides descriptions for managers to review.

  • Direct Approval

Reports provide a link for managers to approve directly from the email client.

  • Approval Status Alerts

Auto-updates employee as the report passes each step of the approval and export chain.

  • Automatic Routing

Dollar-based approval and project- or employee-based approval routing.

Review & Initiate Export When it’s time to deliver expense information to the accounting, payroll and/or bill payment system, Tallie gives you the option to review each expense report, then export each report individually or as a group. Tallie’s analytics engine provides accountants with detailed spend reporting, with advanced chart options and CSV download functionality. Expense Data Reporting & Security

  • Credit Card Reconciliation

Filter data by date and expense type to pull a reconciliation report for each statement.

  • Accrual Reporting

Filter data by expense type to identify any non-exported accrued expenses.

  • Custom Data Visualizations

Display data charts filtered by Date, Merchant, Category, Project, Department, Person, Type and Status.

  • Seamless Integration

Bi -directional integration with QuickBooks, Bill.com, SmartVault.

  • Export Expenses

Export into custom CSV.

  • Batch Print Reports

Print to PDF with accounting distributions and receipt images.

  • Technology & Security

Distributed, durable, decoupled environment, Firewalled cloud servers, 4096-bit SSL Encryption, Continuously in Sync, Active API support, Receipt storage and processing, Cloud-to-cloud communications with third party services.

Prices start at $9/month per active user with a $25 minimum monthly fee. Tallie gives your company the tools to help automate the expense report workflow from start to finish, eliminating manual entries and saving valuable time. Tallie helps your company to update expense reporting with access anytime, anywhere via the cloud.

Contact one of our Business Excellence Advisors for more information at advisor@smbadvisor.us or 866-737-9991.