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BambooHR takes your HR spreadsheets and paper files and moves them into one centralized location that is easily accessible anywhere. This helps to eliminate the paperwork headaches from old school HR platforms and the need to manage many different spreadsheets and filing cabinets. We can help you transition your HR administration from spreadsheets and paper to the cloud which will help save your organization time and money.

BambooHR is a cloud-based, human resource (HR) solution made for small to mid-sized businesses that focuses on features you need, rather than all the bells and whistles you pay for but never use. The time it takes to maintain HR records can be cut in half by consolidating all of your HR data into one centralized location keeping information more accurate and reliable. Utilizing custom layouts for easy filtering, sorting, and search capabilities that can to pull up data instantly. Reports that usually take hours or days to generate in spreadsheets take just a few clicks of the mouse in BambooHR. BambooHR is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that gives you access to your data anywhere, anytime. BambooHR also has mobile apps available enabling your employees to submit, approve, and track leave/time-off requests while away from the office. BambooHR Benefits

  • Centralize your employee database

Keeps detailed employee records, documents, benefits info, hiring checklists, and more. Create an employee directory that can be accessed by all workers - great for finding forgotten extensions, remembering names of new hires, etc.

  • Streamline your reports

Have the ability to make well-informed, more strategic decisions. Plus, use simple drag-and-drop and filtering functions to customize reports.

  • Quickly view information from the customized dashboard

Customizable tabs for your most important data such as Employees, Job Openings, Reports and Files. Turn options on or off and move them around to fit your needs.

  • Customize user groups

Gives management the ability to define which tabs and fields users can see and or edit.

  • Manage Job Applicants

Managers are post and edit job listings, keep track of job applicants, review resume attachments, add hiring team members, comments, set status/ratings. Helps to compete for better talent with less effort and keeps applicants from getting lost in the shuffle.

  • New Hire follow-up

Once hired managers can create and send a new hire packets that gives detailed information about when & where work starts, meetings, and any other pertinent information to help prepare the new employee. Information can also be collected, tasks requested, forms such as a W4 can be attached. Tasks can also be sent to team members via email for preparation for the new hire such as IT setting-up a computer, etc.

  • Keeps your information safe

Your information is kept safe via 256-bit SSL encryption, frequent third-party security audits, and daily auto backups.

  • Integration with NimbleSchedule

Allows the employee schedule to be viewed and edited by employers and to receive employee schedule updates via the online dashboard, shrinking the scheduling process to minutes.

Transitioning to the cloud with BambooHR will drastically reduce the complexity, time, and expense of managing and maintaining HR data. BambooHR has the right tools to keep data organized and accurate. From data maintenance and reporting to employee management, BambooHR helps to keeps businesses running smoothly and raises the bar on overall performance. We can help get you started with a 7-day Risk FREE Trial!

Contact one of our Business Excellence Advisors for more information at advisor@smbadvisor.us or 866-737-9991.